Distance Learning MBA Modes- Correspondence MBA courses and Online MBA courses

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Distance learning MBA is a flexible mode of education. It is also known Open learning MBA or Correspondence MBA. The best mode of distance learning MBA with many features is Online MBA. Distance Learning takes place at a distance from the preparer and presenter of the learning material. The material should be high quality, and be produced with the end user in mind. Correspondence courses were the original distance education programs. These were essentially text-based, and were widely used by the accountancy and other business professions. For nearly a hundred years, correspondence colleges have been preparing accountancy students to quality as professional members of the various accountancy bodies and other business institutes such as the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Development. These colleges gave people the opportunity to qualify as professionals by self-study without attending educational establishments.

The institutes set examinations and standards, but do not concern themselves with the mode of preparation. This process is left to the discretion of the student, and is very flexible. The Japanese use the correspondence course as a cost-effective method to upgrade executive skills in business and management theory. The text in correspondence school courses these days has in many cases been supplemented by audio, video, CD-ROM, DVD and of course, books. Some certificate diploma and degree programs are now delivered exclusively through e- learning on the Internet. Online learning is newest mode of distance learning, and uses the Internet or an intranet as a delivery of education material. Online mba in IT is, unlike correspondence MBA, may be supported by online modules and residential courses which give learners the opportunity to meet others and seek tutors’ guidance in workshop, on the telephone, or through online mentoring.

In response to market demand, distance learning has now been adopted by many of the major universities. The leaders in this field are the Open Universities and Universities of Industries. Professional learners may now acquire certificate, diploma, primary degrees,
masters’ degrees and qualifications up to PhD level through this medium. The majority of distance and online courses currently on the market focus on courses paid for by businesses or which its executives on distance learning mba. Distance learning can be integrated with the facilities and programs of the corporate learning center, which means that employees engaged in distance learning programs can use the course-ware and online learning programs of the corporate learning centers to help them in their studies as well as in their jobs. Some professionals’ bodies, such as the Institute of Bankers, Accountancy Institutes and the CIPD, have produced complete subject programs for their examinations using the computer based training media, including online learning programs that can be accessed in corporate learning centers. Corporate learning centers can be linked up to educational establishments in order to obtain certification or national vocational qualification for their courses. They can also subscribe to recognized online learning programs online, such as the European computer Driving Licence(ECDL).

Third-generation distance learning aims to overcome the lack of interaction and the problem of isolation experienced by many distance learners. It gives the student access to others from the workplace or home. The Internet, audio and video conferencing and e- mail are being used for remote teaching. E-mail can be sued for transmission of information direct to the home, and can also be used for conferencing. Both facilities offer scope for two-way communication, and give a new dimension to education. Voice mail means that your tutor can offer guidance and advice even when you’re not at home.

The Internet offers real-time collaboration with a network of mentors, experts and fellow learners. A corporate learning centre is just one application of the concept of open learning. Other applications would be correspondence schools, the Open University and virtual learning centers based on company intranets. In a corporate learning center, learning is made accessible to all staff who wants an MBA degree.

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Distance Learning MBA Modes- Correspondence MBA courses and Online MBA courses

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Distance Learning MBA Modes- Correspondence MBA courses and Online MBA courses

This article was published on 2011/02/09