Choosing between Synchronous Online and Asynchronous Online Distance Learning Programs

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Online Distance Learning has already established itself as a convenient and cost-friendly method of studying. The profiles of Online Distance Learning Education students now go beyond stay-at-home parents, employed individuals, and physically disabled. Today, even fresh high school graduates consider Online Distance Learning Programs instead of attending traditional classes from colleges and universities.


A popular advantage of Online Distance Learning is the student’s prerogative to choose a schedule. However, individuals who are looking into Online Distance Learning Education should know that there are two types of Online Distance Learning Programs in terms of interaction. These are Synchronous Distance Learning and Asynchronous Distance Learning.


In Synchronous Distance Learning, there is a set schedule for students to log on and interact with instructors and fellow students. It could be once a week or more depending on the agreed-upon schedule. In this Online Distance Learning set up, both the professor and the student are in different places but they are online at the same time. Classes are conducted through video conferencing, livestreaming, group chats and phone calls.


On the other hand, in an Asynchronous Distance Learning, the student and the professor are also in different places but they interact in different times. This arrangement offers a more lenient Online Distance Learning Education because students can log on at a time convenient to them. Likewise, instructors can prepare their lectures on their free hours. Online Distance Learning Programs using this set-up usually depend on pre-recorded lectures, email messages, message boards and even traditional snail mails.


To determine which one is good for you, consider the schedule you have and your learning preference. If you are free to log on to your computer anytime, you can go for Synchronous Online Distance Learning. Additionally, it is the better choice for people who prefer heavy interaction and structured courses. However, if you have a challenging schedule or you are always on the go, Asynchronous Distance Learning would work well. It is also for students who are self-motivated and can finish their assignments without much supervision.


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Choosing between Synchronous Online and Asynchronous Online Distance Learning Programs

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Choosing between Synchronous Online and Asynchronous Online Distance Learning Programs

This article was published on 2011/02/18